oh by the way… that’s harry 

What is your rate?

  • I don’t have any fix rate for my photography service. All depends on the package and the amount of work that meet my client expectation

How long it takes to receive my photos?

  • Usually photos with prints will be ready within 6-8 weeks

Will I get all my photos in a CD?

  • What!!! 😱 CD’s was in the 90’s. You will receive your photos via secured online downloadable link. It will remain in the cloud for a limited time. If you request for other alternative, we can hand it to you in a USB flash drive

What happen to my photos after one year. Will you delete it?

  • From the day I become a photographer, I never delete any of my clients photos. Plus I do backup for all my images. But I suggest you to keep your own copy because this is technology, anything can happen beyond our control

Can I have your RAW images?

  • Sorry I don’t provide RAW images to my client. Editing and post processing is part of my signature

My wedding will be outside of Kuala Lumpur or even maybe even out of Malaysia. Are you willing to travel?

  • Traveling is part of my DNA… Of course 😍

Do you provide ‘Same Day Edit’ (SDE) so I can run a slideshow during my wedding reception?

  • Yes I do, because I understand couples very eager to share their happy moment ASAP

Apart from photography, do you provide other services such as Video and Photobooth?

  • Glad you ask 😅 … yes I do have video package and photobooth to mix an extra fun for your event. Even if you want to have your own dedicated website for your wedding such as for RSVP, I’m happy to design one for you 😁

How do I make my booking?

  • You may contact me by clicking here and send me a message with details of your memorable day. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible